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Sailing Through the Pandemic

How SailPan Works

Passagemaking was challenging before the global pandemic. Now we sailors are contending with new uncertainties as the ports and anchorages we rely on make hard decisions about how to best protect their communities from COVID-19. The facts we need to plan our passages are often buried several posts deep in comment threads on social networks, relayed quickly on a radio net, or mentioned in passing on the docks, making it hard to separate rumor from reality.

SailPan makes things easier for the passagemaking sailor by providing a regularly updated map and digest of reports covering changes to important locations.


Each report is categorized by where it came from:

Boat Reports come in from boats at sea. These first hand reports often bring the most timely information available. We receive some of these directly, and find others on regional social networks and message boards.

Similar to Boat Reports, these come in from local land-based regional experts who are engaged with the sailing community.

Usually issued by a government agency, Official Notices often report major changes to multiple locations in the region.

Marina Announcements are made by marina harbormasters and can cover port status, availability, price changes, and openings and closures.

The date shown on each report represents our best understanding of when the reporter had the experience being reported. Below each report, you'll find a list of specific sources which link to more information or to the communities where the report is being discussed. You won't find opinion or conversation on SailPan, and we encourage you to follow these links to join the discussion.


Reports cover one or more locations. A location might be a port, anchorage, marina, state, city or town. The pin for each location is colored to show our understanding of its current status:

Business as usual or nearly so

Some restrictions reported

Major restrictions or closures reported

Conflicting or confusing information reported

No information reported


The extraordinary people who share their understanding with us every day, usually as volunteers, are the fabric of the sailing community. SailPan couldn't exist without their work. In the Pacific Mexico & Gulf of California region, we'd like to specifically thank:

Mike Danielson
Mike is head honcho of PV Sailing, the 22 year old institution at the heart of the sailing community in Puerto Vallarta.

Jason Hite
Jason moderates the Sea of Cortez Sailors Facebook group, which has over 1,500 members.

John Ryan
John moderates the Banderas Bay Cruisers Facebook group, which has over 500 members.

Richard Boren
Rich operates La Paz Cruisers Supply and is a ubiquitous and informed presence in cruiser groups.

Behan Gifford
Behan has advised thousands of cruisers from the Sailing Totem blog, as well as Cruising World and Good Old Boat.

Bruce Balan & Alene D. Rice
Bruce and Alene have voyaged aboard SV Migration for 13 years, and have made a wealth of resources available to the community.

Thanks to all of you for your service, and for helping make SailPan better with your ideas.


SailPan divides the world into regions. Right now, there's only one region on the site, covering Pacific Mexico, the Gulf of California, and popular adjacent destinations. This isn't a technical limitation — the site is designed to accommodate every region in the world. We're looking for talented volunteer editors who are interested in managing SailPan reports in their region. If that's you, please get in touch.


SailPan thrives on your reports. Send reports to with as much information as possible, including the name, latitude, and longitude of the location you are reporting about, the name of your boat or organization, and a link to your website if you have one. If you didn't experience what you are reporting first hand, please also include your sources.

Developers can contribute to the site's codebase. SailPan is open source and can be forked on GitHub, where you can also report bugs and make feature requests.


SailPan was created by James Home, aboard SV Rejoice.